Test poziomujący

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Test składa się z 60 pytań jednokrotnego wyboru

1. It’s a lovely day. The sun ___.

2. What ___ tonight?

3. I ___ a shower every morning.

4. Where ___ on holiday?

5. ___ computer games?

6. Parents ___ books to their children.

7. I’m sorry, Sir, but we haven’t got ___ fish.

8. ___ some cheese on the table.

9. Whose is this book?

10. Tom is interested______footaball.

11. Could you __________ in this form for me, please?

12. What’s the difference __________ football and paintball?

13. If you want to be successful _____this field, you need to study very hard.

14. Are you ready to __________ your meal now?

15. At the end of the course all the students must __________ an exam.

16. Did you have any problems ________ our house?

17. I’m sorry, but you ___ go through this door. It’s private.

18. It’s John’s birthday tomorrow, so I ___ a cake.

19. Where __________ you live when you were a child?

20. Would you like __________ jam on your bread?

21. The cashier gave me too much _________back and I gave it back to her.

22. There is no_____________between profesional and amateur photography.

23. We are looking for a ___________receptionist to work mornings.

24. Tim was too __________ to ask Monika for a dance.

25. Would George be angry if I ___ his bicycle without asking?

26. Do you think ___ when we replace the cartridge?

27. Alex ___ late. He’s stuck in traffic.

28. Which sentence is correct?

29. We _______________dinner when the guests arrived.

30. If you_____water, it boils.

31. Since I live on the________of the city, I have a long drive into town every day.

32. He gave a ___________of relief when the exam was over.

33. We were_________up for five hours in heavy traffic.

34. Tom forgot to use clothes_____and all his clean clothes fell off the line into the mud.

35. All children receive ___________ against polio and tetanus.

36. He denied_______anywhere near the house at the time.

37. They _________all the flowers for the wedding by tomorrow.

38. I wish Karen ________that we’re not trying to interfere in her life.

39. There should be no complaints as long as we________the music down.

40. You are lying!! Last month you________never to smoke again. I remember it as if it were yesterday.

41. No matter how hard I try, I never _____ your expectations.

42. She’d______ they didn’t know about what had happened.

43. _____it was so important to you, I’d have tried harder.

44. I wish I had such an aptitude _____ maths as my brother does.

45. _____ the new government will introduce economic reforms that will heal our country.

46. It's true that _____. Yesterday Tom got fired, and today I was refused postponing the repayment of my loan.

47. It think it's high time we _____ to a more spacious flat.

48. I'm sorry, but this prescription is _____ - I can't figure out what medicine I should give you.

49. Johnnie broke the vase, but I’m sure it wasn’t______

50. I didn’t know my guess was going to be right – it was just_________

51. He will have to go on a diet because he is getting____

52. During a lecture I try to ___________down the main points that are made.

53. She went on to__________that I wasn’t working hard emough.

54. I enjoy going to that shop because the staff are so______

55. The old lady came near to _______ of pneumonia but to everyone's amazement she pulled through.

56. They live about _______ from here.

57. I had no sooner told her what I thought of her _______ I wished I'd held my tongue.

58. I take great exception _______ the implication that I was not telling the truth.

59. His grandfather often dozes _______ in front of the TV after dinner.

60. Why do you object to _______ - he'll be an asset to the company?

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